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We investigate the interrelationship between auditory physiology and auditory perception.  We also develop computational models of hearing and the physiology of the peripheral auditory system. The models serve two purposes: (1) to investigate the extent that auditory perception is determined by the physiology of the auditory receptor; and (2) to develop better auditory prostheses (hearing aids and cochlear implants).


28-2-2020. Miriam I. Marrufo-Pérez successfully defends her PhD on The Interaction between physiological and cognitive processes involved in the recognition of speech in noise. She was awarded Suma Cum Laude and the highest score.

20-7-2020. Alejandro Hernández-Martín successfully defends his PhD with Industrial Merit on A binaural hearing aid inspired by the contralateral medial olivocochlear reflex. He was awarded Suma Cum Laude and the highest score.

Diploma "Specialization in Audiology"

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